Commercial and Residential Landscape Maintenance

Protect your landscape investment and the value of your property with professional landscape maintenance. After completion of your landscape construction and installation, Creekmore Landscape’s professionals can keep it in optimum condition for you.   Allow Creekmore Landscape’s team of certified professional landscape technicians to develop and refine a customized management program for you.

Creekmore’s maintenance services deliver:

  • Increased curb appeal
  • Courteous professional crews and clean, safe equipment
  • Eye-catching designs and seasonal displays
  • Meticulous attention to cleanliness and site safety issues
  • Special scheduling to perform work in off-peak hours
  • Special event maintenance pre- and post-event
  • Consistent, Value-oriented Service - highly-refined estimating systems help us know precisely how many crew members and how many hours to assign for any job, so our services are delivered on time and on budget.
  • Perfect Timing - our planning processes ensure that we know exactly when to prep, plant, treat, maintain and renew, so your grounds will look their best year round.
  • Manicured turf and well-tended beds
  • Clean, bright streetscapes
  • Enhanced curb appeal to attract prosperous tenants
  • Lower, more predictable maintenance costs
  • Value-based, predictable maintenance costs
  • Enhanced employee morale
  • Appealing landscapes that attract guests and accentuate hotel amenities
  • Creating a relaxing, welcoming environment
  • Scheduling with a sensitivity to hotel events and peak hours
  • Proactive partnership with facilities management staff to address special needs as they arise
  • Vibrant landscaping that attracts homeowners and retains or increases property values
  • Seasonal decorations and displays
  • Accentuation of property amenities such as pool, club house and recreational areas
  • Proactive service to address issues before they become homeowner complaints
  • Sensitivity to the needs of residential areas, including scheduling work during off-peak hours and around special homeowner events